Putting your wines online
has never been easier.

Introducing Vinimo

Vinimo is a bi-lingual website and online store system for companies that sell wine.

Finally there is an easy and affordable way to put your portfolio of wines online or open an online wine shop. It is built from the ground up as a platform for wine and nothing but wine, and getting started with it is a snap.

Who is Vinimo for?

Wineries, distributors, importers, and wine shops can use Vinimo for a quick and easy way to publish, promote and sell their products online. Read on to learn more about what you get with Vinimo.

Online Shop

Sell wines by the bottle or the case, and create wine sets and mixed case products using Vinimo’s e-commerce engine. Rich control over pricing and discounts means you can sell to just about any kind of customer.


Vinimo provides you with a full, branded website which you can use as your main web address. Host Vinimo under your own domain and manage pages, news entries, event details, and media files with the Vinimo CMS.


Vinimo looks and works great on smartphones, which means mobile users get the best possible view of your products and product info. And automatic QR code generation make sending people to your mobile website easy.

Vinimo is simply the best solution for promoting and selling your wines online.

Here are some of the tools which make it possible.

Wine CMS

Manage all of your wines, producers, grapes, wine regions, tasting and pairing notes, wine reviews, product collateral and more. Easily create wine sets and sell them as a single product.


Vinimo’s integrated blog makes it easy to create and publish blog content. Good content drives traffic, trust, and sales, and with Vinimo you have the tools you need to deliver it!

News and Event Manager

Publish news and event information quickly and easily. You can even allow your customers to register and pay for events online.

Stockist Locator

Want an easy way to show customers where they can buy your wines? The Vinimo Location Manager creates a Google Map of your stockists.

Not convinced yet?

Check out out what else you get.

Social Media Integration

Connect your Vinimo site to your Facebook and Twitter pages, allow users to easily share and like your wines! Cross-linking also makes it easy to grow your list of followers.

Powerful Analytics

Vinimo is integrated with Google Analytics, giving you access to powerful traffic and usage data. And its e-commerce extensions allow you to track revenue and other financial data.

Rich Wine Data

Vinimo’s wine manager includes a wide range of data fields, allowing you to publish as much or as little information about your wines as you like. Over 40 fields in all!

Present Your Wines Your Way

Present your wines in the best way possible, with as much information and detail (or as little) as you like. Tasting notes, food pairings, production and vinification details and more are mere clicks away.

Wine Reviews
With Vinimo you can allow customers to leave their own ratings and reviews and/or add your own expert reviews and point scores.

Related Wines
Add a selection of “you may also like” wines to each wine in the system to promote cross-selling.

Custom Flags
Want to feature wines that are organically-grown or have low SO2? Create and assign your own custom wine flags and segment your products however you like.

What about the operations side?

The powerful Vinimo administration console gives you
full control over your website and online store.

The Vinimo console is bi-lingual and responsive,
and ready to use on PC, tablet, or smartphone
in either English or Japanese.

Here are just a few of the tools you get:

  • Store Settings

    Configure all manner of discounts, choose your payment types, set shipping and handling fees, delivery dates, display options and more.

  • Order Management

    Process and ship orders, confirm payment, process cancellations and returns, all in one place.

  • Customer Management

    Manage your customers and subscribers. View order histories, assign customer types, set discounts, etc.

  • Design

    Use the innovative Vinimo widget manager to create a custom layout for your top page using pre-defined building blocks or your own custom containers.

Vinimo Pricing

Why spend more for features you don’t need?

Compared to similar solutions available today
Vinimo comes at a very competitive price.

  • Plan
  • ¥18,000per month
  • One-time Setup
  • Design
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Max SKUs
  • Catalog Only
  • ¥18,000per month
  • ¥30,000
  • Ask
  • Included
  • Included
  • 100
  • E-Commerce
  • ¥36,000per month
  • ¥45,000
  • Ask
  • Included
  • Included
  • 200
  • Enterprise
  • ¥60,000per month
  • ¥75,000
  • Ask
  • Included
  • Included
  • Unlimited

Customized, white-label solutions are also available. Please contact us using the form below to find out more.

What our customers say:

We looked at building our own e-commerce system but stopped when we saw the price. We chose Vinimo because of its full set of features and very reasonable setup cost. And since we use Vinimo as a service, there is nothing for us to host and maintain. We love it!

H. K.Distributor/Importer

We could not be happier! Vinimo gives us everything we need to sell our wines to all of our different customers. The customer groups and discount functions make it easy for us to give all of our customers the correct pricing in the simplest way.

A. S.Wine Importer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to run my site as a shop?

No. You can use Vinimo as a simple product catalog or information site with all e-commerce functions disabled.

Is there a limit on the number of products I can put in the system?

No. With Vinimo there are no limits on products, orders, locations, events, customers, or any other kind of data.

What payment options are supported?

Vinimo supports payment via COD, bank transfer, and PayPal by default. Credit card payments at competitive rates are also supported via Remise. Please contact us if you would like to know learn more.

Do I have to use a special domain name?

No. With Vinimo you can choose to use your own domain (e.g. – www.mywineshop.com) or let us create one for you (e.g. – mywineshop.vinimo.jp).

How can I keep my product inventory and availability up-to-date?

Using the Vinimo Inventory Manager you can keep your product inventory and availability data current simply by uploading a CSV file. No fuss, no hassle.

We often have wine events for our customers. Can Vinimo help with these?

Vinimo includes an Event Manager which allows you to publish information on your events and also optionally allow registration and even payment right through the website. (The latter requires that Online Store be enabled for your plan.)

What is involved in setting up my site?

Vinomo includes a web-based administration console which allows you to fully manage all aspects of your Vinimo website. No technical skills are required, and if you can use a web browser you can set up your Vinimo site quickly and easily.

How does order processing work?

Each order through the website generates an email notification which is sent to the email address(es) you specify. You can then open the order in the administration console and review the details, mark it as paid or shipped, cancel it, print a receipt or picking slip, etc.

How will my site look on smartphones?

Vinimo is fully mobile-ready, making it easy for shoppers to find and buy your wines online.

What kinds of discounts can I offer my customers?

Vinimo supports a wide range of discount options, including:

  • Multi-tier order level discounts (e.g. – 10% off for orders over 15,000 yen)
  • Bottle count discounts (e.g. – 10% for orders of 6 bottles or more)
  • System-wide member discounts (logged in, registered users get 10% off)
  • Order-level discounts based on customer type (e.g. – restaurants get 10% off)
  • Discounted pricing on case quantities (configurable by product)
  • Client-specific discounts (e.g. – customer John Doe gets 25% all orders)

What if I only sell wines by the case?

No problem. Vinimo makes it possible to allow only case quantities when ordering.

How can track visitors to and usage of my website?

Vinimo integrates with Google Analytics, a powerful, free tool for tracking and analyzing website traffic and usage.

Think Vinimo might be a good fit for your business?

Get in touch with us today and find out.

We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have or arrange a demo.

Prefer email?

Write us with any questions you may have at vinimo@netwise.jp or call us at +81-3-5485-4636 (Tokyo).

Who are we?

Vinimo is designed and developed by Netwise, a digital commerce agency based in bustling Tokyo.

Find out more about Netwise at www.netwise.jp.

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