July 2018

The Vinimo Team has been oh-so busy these past few months adding new features and making improvements to the Vinimo system, and I’m writing today to catch you up on all the changes. There are a lot of them, so let’s get going!

New Assets Page

This is a big one, folks. Now you can easily publish and share digital assets such as winery logos, bottle images, and product datasheets in one convenient location. Here is what it looks like:


To see how it works you can view this short screencast.

To use it yourself, simply enable display of wine assets in the assets page by checking on one of the available boxes in the admin console. These are located in the Wine List and also in each wine edit screen. All wines that are checked will appear in the Assets page.


The Assets page uses existing images, so there is nothing to upload separately. Winery logos and bottle images are the same as those being used elsewhere in the website. Sell Sheets (ワインデータシート) need to be uploaded on a per-wine basis using the PDF Datasheet option under Media Manager in the wine edit screen.

You can view your own Assets page at: http://www.your-website-url.com/assets/

Finally, the Assets page has been added as a System Page to the Menu Manager as Trade Assets.


“Earliest” Delivery Date Option

Now customers can choose Earliest for the delivery date (最短/指定なし in Japanese). You’ll notice we also added an up-sell message here for sites that have a free shipping level set.


Customize Your Wine Details Layout

The wine details are divided into seven section (see below). Now you can re-arrange these sections and turn them on or off as you like. Go to the new Wine Details Layout section in Design -> Page Layouts and drag and drop the sections into the order you like. (See it in action here.)


Automatic Setting of the NEW Flag

Want to automate the process of showing new wines on your website? Use our new Flags option to have the NEW flag set automatically for any number of days after the product has been registered. Simply enable the option under Design -> Display Options and set the number of days you want the flag to appear for. 


Editable Price Ranges and Terminology

The price ranges for the search function used to be fixed but now they are editable. Go to Mater Records -> Price Ranges to set the ranges as you like.

We also created a new Terminology Manager (located under Master Records) which allows you to edit the terminology for many of the wine terms used in the website, such as AppellationRegion and Winery. Change the terms here and they will be updated site-wide! Pretty cool, eh?


Winery List Page Changes

The winery list page now groups wineries by Country and can also be filtered to show just the wines from a single country via a new navigation menu at the upper right-hand portion of the screen.


Parent Brands for Wineries

You can now have wine brands belong to “parent” wineries using a new winery data field. 


Setting the Parent Brand in the Winery Details page above will cause the winery to appear in the Parent winery’s page where shown below.


Event Details Page Improvements

We tweaked the layout and design of the event details page to make it more polished and intuitive. We also added an Add to Google Calendar link to make it easy for users to put the details in their calendar.


Preview Mode for Wines and Wineries

Now you can preview wine and winery pages before publishing them on the website. To do so use the use Preview button we have added to the button bar in each of the edit screens.


Other Assorted Odds & Ends

  • We no longer send new users their passwords by email.
  • We moved the shipping options in the checkout screen from the Other section to Delivery because, well, it just makes more sense. 
  • You can now sort the Wine Sets list in the back end by Wine Set Name or Created Date, ascending or descending.
  • Newsletter subscription “opt in” checkboxes can now be hidden if that is your preference. You can enable or disable this under Subscribers in the admin console.
  • We now log the IP address of users when they place an order.
  • We have added a lot of new data collection functionality for Google Analytics. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this.
  • Added a new Update function for updating prices after making changes to the Member Price.
  • We now support Komoju as a payment method.
  • Changed the Events page so that Past events are shown by default when no Upcoming events exist.
  • Assorted other bug fixes and corrections!

And that wraps it up for this update. I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

Have any cool features or functionality you would like to see added? Let’s us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Thanks, and as always: enjoy your Vinimo!