November 2018

Hey, we have a few updates for you to check this month! See the details below to find out more.

Widget Enhancement

Layout. The team added some enhancements to the widget layout for better viewing and easier management.

Widget List. Need to know which widgets are in-use and which are not? To make it more obvious, we are using dimmed text for the unused widgets and brighter for the used ones.

Integrate Instagram Account

You can now integrate your Instagram account with your Vinimo site. 

Your Site’s View:


Additional Capacity for Email Addresses

Want to organize mail delivery addresses by personnel? With the new functionality for email addresses, you can now assign who receives system-generated emails for Orders, Inquiries and Site Notifications.

Mails associated with the following Email Addresses:


  • Order Complete
  • Order Complete (Bank Transfer)
  • Credit Card Detail


  • Website Inquiry


  • Event Registration
  • New User Registration
  • New Subscriber


That’s all for this update. See you next time!