October 2018

The team has been working on Vinimo new feautres and enhancements this past few months. Read more to see our exciting updates.

Japanese Holidays and Shipping

You can now automatically factor in Japanese national holidays to the “Minimum Days Ahead for Delivery”.

If “No” is selected, delivery date will automatically adjust based on Minimum Days for Delivery. Which means, if there is a Japanese holiday in between today and the “minimum day” it will add a day to the minimum days (or “push back” the first available order date).

Persistent Shopping Cart Function

Uncompleted checkouts/transaction? The system can now save shopping cart contents across website visits if a user leaves the site without completing their order.

Saving of shopping cart data may vary depending on the conditions under which person is using the website:

  • Users not logged in. Saves data after logging in successfully
  • Logged in Users. Saves data after checking out cart.
  • Users has existing/previous order. A returning user can add products to cart before logging in. Once logged in, the items being added will be merged to its existing/previous cart data.
  • Customer clicks the link from the notification email. A system-generated link via email will be redirected to shopping cart page with updated cart content. User will be logged in automatically.

Abandoned Cart Notification

 A new option is added which enables you to send a reminder/followup notification to your customers with incomplete order and encourage them to complete it.

That would be all for this month. Will keep you updated in all improvements happening in the site!